Are you hosting a party over the holiday season? While hosting a celebration is a fun way to bring friends and family together, party hosts may be liable if an accident or injury occurs. Here are some FAQs on how to keep you and your guests safe during the season.

A holiday party inside a home


Q: What is the most common incident that I need to be cautious of when hosting?

A: Around the holidays, we see a number of slips and falls.

Q: What am I liable for should an incident occur on my property?

A: If you fail to maintain your property for your guests and an injury occurs because of that negligence, you may be responsible for special and general damages:

      • Special Damages
        • Guest past and future medial bills
        • Guest past and future wage loss
      • General Damages
        • Guest pain, suffering and emotional distress
        • Potential disfigurement due to injury

Q: What are some ways I can ensure my property is a safe place for guests?

A: Ensure all driveways and all walkways are cleared and salted, if necessary, to prevent slips. Make sure you have proper lighting around your house so people can get from their cars to your home safely.

Q: What other steps can I take to ensure I’m protected as a homeowner this holiday season?

A: It’s important to revisit your liability policy in your homeowner’s insurance. Are you adequately insured if an incident occurs on your property? Now is a great time to review your coverage.

The holiday season is a time to share with friends and family. Make sure you take the extra steps you need to be a responsible party thrower and provide a safe location for your loved ones this season.