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In a significant victory, Meshbesher & Spence partner and dog-bite attorney Gus Nicklow was able to secure a policy-limit $500,000 dog-bite settlement for a client attacked by a dog as he delivered a package to the dog-owner’s residence. The client was injured as he ran away from the dog and suffered a significant knee injury, […]

Meshbesher & Spence partner Gus Nicklow was able to secure a very sizable dog-bite settlement for a client who was bit in the face by a dog.

Meshbesher & Spence partners and motorcycle crash attorneys Gus Nicklow, Josh Tuchscherer, and Andrew Davick successfully resolved a catastrophic motorcycle crash case that occurred in Washington County, Minnesota on June 18, 2017. The crash occurred when a commercial vehicle pulled out in front of our client as he was out on an evening ride on […]

Wright County District Court, Buffalo, Minnesota

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – WRIGHT COUNTY, MINNESOTA In a significant legal victory for our firm and a bittersweet closure for a grieving family, we have successfully resolved a high-profile trucking collision case that occurred in Maple Lake, Minnesota in September of 2021. Our firm represented the family of a beloved individual whose life was tragically […]

The Zimmerman family posing together on stage

Leonard Pozner did not want to litigate whether a mass murder at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecti­cut, really happened in 2012. If James Fetzer and Alex Jones want to perpetrate that canard, Pozner refused to assist them.So Pozner, who lost his son Noah, sued Fetzer, the author of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” for defamation for alleging in the book that Pozner released a false death certificate, a crime in Connecticut.Jake Zimmerman and Genevieve Zimmerman secured a damage verdict for $450,000 against Fetzer. They did not earn a fee for the case and paid the costs themselves, with the assis­tance of Genevieve’s firm, Meshbesher & Spence.


Three Army veterans have been awarded $7.1 million in damages over defective 3M earplugs. A federal jury in Florida found that 3M Co. failed to warn about design flaws in earplugs widely sold to the U.S. military that ultimately caused hearing loss. More than 230,000 service personnel have sued 3M, claiming that the manufacturer knew its Combat Arms earplugs (CAEv2) were defective and yet sold them anyway without warnings.

Derek represented a 22-year-old who was hit while sitting in her car at an intersection. The insurance company for the other driver never admitted liability and insisted that the force of the crash could not have resulted in any injury to the client. The insurance company sent the client to an adverse medical examination and the reviewing doctor wrote a 50-page opinion about why he believed the client wasn’t hurt. The client ultimately had carpel tunnel surgery fifteen months after the crash. Derek started a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and the case was submitted to binding arbitration. At arbitration Derek’s client was awarded $54,464.07.

Derek Represented the heirs and next of kin of a client who tripped on a crack in a very poorly maintained parking lot. The fall caused the 83-year-old client to break her hip, unfortunately she succumbed to her injuries and tragically passed away. The parking lot was leased and both the owner and the tenant feverously denied liability. Derek brought a lawsuit against both defendants and brought in a parking lot expert to offer an opinion as to the safety of the lot. The case settled at mediation, but more importantly to the family of the client the parking lot was re-poured over the portion where the client had fallen. This case was especially rewarding because it led to a safety change that will protect others in the future.