In a significant victory, Meshbesher & Spence partner and dog-bite attorney Gus Nicklow was able to secure a very sizeable dog-bite settlement for our client who was bit by a dog being fostered by St. Paul Animal Control. Our client was bit in the face (nose) and underwent many surgeries during the recovery process. Despite the many obstacles surrounding claims against municipalities, such as claims of official, discretionary, and statutory immunity, Gus was able to defeat those arguments and convince the City of St. Paul to pay a sizeable settlement to our client.

The client came to Gus after her former attorney encouraged her to take a rather insignificant offer in light of her significant facial injuries. Gus and his team fought hard for our client, and after threatened litigation, were able to secure a settlement without having to put the client through the litigation process. Gus and his team remain committed to helping anyone seriously injured in a dog bite attack.