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In a momentous decision, the Minnesota Pardon Board commuted the life sentence of Meshbesher & Spence client, Myon Burrell. Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison authorized the Commissioner of Corrections to release Myon immediately. At approximately 7pm last night, he walked free from the front entrance of Stillwater Prison to a supportive crowd after 18 years in prison for a crime he has long maintained he did not commit. His attorney, Dan Guerrero has been representing Myon for the past four years and says he will continue to fight for Myon’s exoneration. Guerrero will file a post-conviction petition in district court later this month with new evidence which strongly supports Myon’s innocence. He also said they will take up Attorney General Ellison’s invitation to apply for full exoneration in the newly formed Conviction Integrity Unit within the AG’s Office, set to commence work in 2021. Guerrero credits Perry Moriearty of the University of Minnesota Law School’s Child Advocacy & Juvenile Justice Clinic for her brilliant assistance on Myon’s commutation.

Guerrero is so happy for Myon and his family. It’s been a tough but satisfying journey. With the help of his legal team at Meshbesher & Spence, Guerrero’s long fight for Myon’s freedom is consistent with the firm’s goals to protect the liberty, and to attain justice for all their clients.