A 22-year-old passenger in an insured vehicle that was violently hit by a hit and run driver suffered a shattered hip. His injuries required surgery to piece the hip joint back together, causing him to miss 6 months of work. After other lawyers unsuccessfully tried to identify the hit and run driver and find insurance coverage, they dropped his case.

Mr. Streed agreed to take the case and due to some aggressive investigation combined with some good luck he was able to find the “at fault” driver and uncover the lies and deceptions that had allowed him to go undetected for over 2 years.

Insurance coverage was also found to cover the man’s negligence. Ultimately a Hennepin County jury returned a verdict for our client that fairly compensated him for his injuries, lost income and medical bills. | MN Supreme Court CITATION: 549 N.W2.d 89 

Verdict: $225,000