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In a significant victory, Meshbesher & Spence partner and dog-bite attorney Gus Nicklow was able to secure a policy-limit $500,000 dog-bite settlement for a client attacked by a dog as he delivered a package to the dog-owner’s residence. The client was injured as he ran away from the dog and suffered a significant knee injury, […]

Mr. Bauer’s client was charged with Terroristic Threats. Despite the fact that the police has elicited a “confession” from the client, Mr. Bauer argued that the alleged victim was never in fear of the client. After three hours of deliberation the Jury acquitted the client on all charges.

Jury heard testimony from alleged victim about an altercation that occurred on the client’s property. Mr. Bauer presented a self-defense claim on behalf of his client. After only 45 minutes of deliberation the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on the 5th Degree Assault charge.

Client was charged with Controlled Substance Crime in the 2nd Degree and faced a presumptive sentence of 92 months in prison. Mr. Bauer argued successfully to the District Court that the client was amenable to probation…

Mr. Guerrero’s client violated probation after receiving a dispositional departure from an otherwise presumed prison sentence. Over the prosecutor’s objection, Mr. Guerrero convinced the Judge to give his client another chance on probation, avoiding (once again) a prison sentence.

After a day of jury selection, the prosecutor agreed to amend the charge to a gross misdemeanor. Mr. Guerrero insisted the agreed upon sentence include no jail time.

In a particular unfortunate case involving next door neighbors, Mr. Guerrero was able to successfully negotiate a resolution for his client, who had recently moved from the neighborhood, that kept his client’s record clean, and more importantly allowed his client to resolve the case by mail, avoiding any further contact with his former nemesis.

Mr. Guerrero worked tirelessly for close to three years for his client, through the pre-charge stage into the prosecution stages to negotiate a settlement for his client that will allow his client to avoid a felony conviction, and also allowed his client to remain with the individual therapist he had been working with for the past three years..

After working closely with his client through the pre-charge stage into the criminal prosecution, Mr. Guerrero was able to convince the prosecutor that his client was a good candidate for Operation De Novo, allowing his client to avoid a criminal record.

Mr. Guerrero argued successfully for a dispositional departure for his client who had 8 prior DUI convictions, which allowed his client to avoid a prison sentence and to keep his job.