In a significant legal victory for our firm and a bittersweet closure for a grieving family, we have successfully resolved a high-profile trucking collision case that occurred in Maple Lake, Minnesota in September of 2021. Our firm represented the family of a beloved individual whose life was tragically cut short due to a catastrophic trucking accident.  The truck involved in the collision was found reversing across Highway 55 into a residential driveway after sunset.  The truck driver had caused multiple collisions while performing this same maneuver prior to the night of the fatal collision.

After a thorough investigation and relentless legal pursuit, Minnesota trucking attorney we were able to negotiate an impactful wrongful death settlement on behalf of the family. The resolution includes civil claims against the truck driver, the trucking company, and their insurance carrier. This outcome not only provides financial compensation for the family but also emphasizes the importance of road safety and the severe consequences of negligent commercial trucking activities.

In a parallel criminal proceeding, the truck driver was found guilty of careless driving. The court, in recognition of the gravity of the offense and its irreversible impact on the family, sentenced the truck driver to serve 90 days in jail.  Importantly, the Court also restricted the driver from driving a commercial vehicle during the period of his parole, which was a specific request of our clients.

While no legal victory can bring back a loved one, we hope this resolution brings some measure of solace to the family. Our team remains committed to fighting for the rights of those affected by such tragedies and ensuring that justice is served.