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Following a vehicle crash, victims and their dear ones face an uphill struggle. It is quite hard to concentrate solely on recuperation. Medical bills mount up, while victims lose pay owing to time away from work. To complicate things worse, obtaining recompense from insurance providers is rarely simple. Have you been injured in a vehicle accident in Minnesota? Meshbesher & Spence Lawyers can help.

The legal staff at Meshbesher & Spence Lawyers is ready to ease your burden. Our Rochester car accident lawyers have extensive expertise in taking on insurance providers and defense attorneys to guarantee that our clients are fairly rewarded. Furthermore, there is no fee unless you win. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about your rights and alternatives.

Minnesota Car Crash Statistics

The year 2021 has been a disaster for traffic safety. The number of road deaths climbed over the previous year, with 488 being the most since 2007.

The top 4 contributing variables in Minnesota traffic deaths in 2021 are:
• Speed: 171 fatalities in 2017, compared to 122 in 2020.
• Unbuckled drivers: 110 fatalities, compared to 105 in 202
• Driving while intoxicated: 74 deaths in 2018, compared to 79 in 2020
• Distractions: 27 fatalities compared to 32 in 2020

Steps to File a Claim

Here are some important steps you should take in the hours, days, and weeks following your accident to make the claims process move more easily.

1. Gather Evidence at the Accident Scene
Filing a car insurance claim is a simpler procedure if you gather evidence at the accident scene. Exchange contact and coverage details with the other motorist, and then contact the police to obtain a police report. If there are major injuries, you may not be able to acquire all of the information you want, but the police can assist cover in the gaps.

2. File The Claim
You can contact your personal insurance agent directly, and they will assist you in filing a claim with your car insurance carrier. If you purchased your coverage directly from an insurer, you should call their claims department. Complete the claim forms completely. Keep detailed and structured records of everything relevant to the claim, such as the names and contact numbers of everyone you talk with at your insurer, as well as copies of any invoices related to the crash.

3. Provide The Details Your Insurer Requests
It is critical to provide any information requested by the claims adjuster as soon as possible. If the adjuster requires information or documents to process the claim, the sooner you provide those materials to them, the faster your claim will be processed.

Minnesota’s No-Fault System

This “no-fault” system compels Minnesota residents who are harmed to first file a claim with their own insurance carrier under their own insurance policy. Your own personal injury protection coverage, irrespective of who caused the accident, compensates for medical care and other out-of-pocket expenditures following an automobile accident up to policy limitations.

In some cases, you can file a lawsuit immediately against the at-fault motorist in a car accident: You must have incurred at minimum $4,000 in justifiable medical expenditures or 60 days of incapacity, permanent damage, or permanent deformity as a result of the vehicle accident.

Minnesota Statute of Limitations

In Minnesota, a person has six years in which to pursue a lawsuit. This time frame begins on the day of the accident. If this time expires, a person loses the opportunity to file a claim or suit.

Modified Comparative Negligence Law

Minnesota employs a modified comparative negligence method when deciding whether you can receive compensation from another motorist. After hearing evidence, a jury awards a proportion of the crash’s fault to each driver. Only those who have less than 50 percent of the blame can be compensated for their injuries. For instance, if a jury determines that you were 60 percent to blame for a crash, you will be unable to collect anything.

The amount of recovery is also reduced under this based on the proportion of blame assigned by the jury. For instance, if you incurred $10,000 in damages, but the jury determined you were 30% to blame, you may only claim $7,000 from the opposing party.

Types of Damages

Two types of damages can be included in an automobile accident claim: economic and non-economic losses.

Economic Damages
These entail the appraisal of specific accident-related expenditures. Economic losses entail medical care, procedures, and examinations of injuries caused by the accident are all examples of economic losses. Examples include:
• Prescription medicine
• Surgery
• Medical equipment like crutches or wheelchairs
• Medical testing
• Physical therapy
• Doctor appointments
• Mileage during the treatment

Other sorts of economic loss might include:
• Loss of earning potential
• Lost wages
• Property damage

Non-Economic Damages
These are the emotional and physical consequences of your injuries. They are also known as general damages. Non-economic losses include:
• Emotional damages, including PTSD, anxiety, depression
• Physical pain and suffering
• Humiliation
• Disfigurement
• Loss of companionship

Minnesota, unlike several other states, does not impose any limitations on personal injury damages. If you have a claim, find an auto accident attorney in Rochester to seek the entire amount of your losses.

When to File a Claim

If you were critically hurt or incapacitated, your claim would most likely exceed the $4000 limit set by no-fault insurance coverage, and you will need to go to court to seek damages. A lawsuit is an option if you are seeking damages to your automobile or another car.

A Rochester car accident lawyer can also assist you in determining if your claim is excluded from no-fault insurance restrictions. Your case must substantiate your damages, as well as any additional costs, losses, or ongoing requirements for which you seek payment. A qualified auto accident attorney in Rochester can assist you in documenting expenditures incurred as a result of the vehicle accident and in determining the monetary worth of your ongoing needs.

Consult a Minnesota Car Accident Attorney

Without the assistance of an experienced Rochester car accident lawyer, getting compensation can be extremely difficult. Meshbesher & Spence Lawyers has decades of combined expertise negotiating with auto insurance companies and achieving appropriate recompense for our clients.

If we find that you have a credible case and you decide to work with us, we will handle the whole legal procedure on your behalf. Our initial consultation is free, and there is no need to proceed with legal action. There aren’t any upfront attorney’s fees or charges, and we are not paid until we secure compensation for you.