5 Tips for Traveling Safely Over Spring Break

A 2020 survey showed that one-in-four adults ages 18 and older plan on traveling for spring break this year. At worst, most will only suffer a bad case of sunburn, but travelers should be aware of the hidden dangers they may face on spring break.

Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Ice fishing is a favorite past time in Minnesota, but it needs to be done with safety in mind. Follow these tips this winter when you’re out on the ice.

Recall of HeartMate II LVAS Pocket System Controllers

On March 20, 2017, Abbott-Thoratec issued a recall of 28,882 HeartMate II LVAS Pocket System Controllers following reports of at least 70 malfunctions after patients attempted to exchange controllers while away from the hospital. The FDA recall notice reports that these malfunctions resulted in 19 injuries and 26 deaths. The recalled Model/Item numbers are 105109, 106015…

HBO’s Hot Coffee Documentary Provokes Awareness

Almost everyone knows of the McDonald’s coffee case. The case is repeatedly cited as an example of how citizens have taken advantage of America’s legal system.

The Hot Coffee movie reveals what actually happened to Stella Liebeck, the Albuquerque, New Mexico woman who spilled coffee on herself and sued McDonald’s, while exploring how and why the case garnered …

Adapting to Life After Limb Loss

The loss of a limb is overwhelming, both physically and emotionally, leaving you with questions like: “How will I care for myself?” “What will life be like?” “Will I be able to do the things I enjoy?”

Though the loss of a limb can feel devastating, there are many people living productive, exciting, and fulfilling lives after limb loss. The first step, after yo…

Gun Safety: Keeping Our Children Safe

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the tragic deaths of two young children, Terrell Mayes (age 3) and Nizzel George (age 5) by shooting. Both shootings occurred within six months of each other and within 20 blocks of one another’s homes. Both children were inside their homes, the latest victim, George, was asleep on his grandmother’s couch when, it’s reported, a single bu…

Summer Pool Safety Tips

Drowning is the leading preventable cause of death and injury for children under age five, and the risks increase in the summer. Even so, according to the National Safe Kids Campaign, more than half of all parents say they don’t worry much about their child drowning.

The risk of childhood pool drowning isn’t limited to in-ground pools. The U.S. Consumer Produc…

Child Safety: Preparing Your Kids for Camp

Whether you’re the kind of parent that counts the days until your kids are away at overnight camp or the kind that checks summer camp websites every few hours for possible footage of your kiddo at play, all parents want one thing for their children from the away camp experience – to know they are safe.

Whether it’s a day camp or a longer stay, here are the thi…

Walking to School Safely: How to Beat the Heat

Even though it’s back to school for the kids, the weather still feels like summer is here to stay in Minnesota. Walking to school in the heat can make kids feel hot, tired, and grumpy. By following these walking safety tips, your family will kick off the school year on a happy, healthy, and cool note.

How to Prevent Dehydration

Warm weather…