If a potential client or a patient would call us having questions about either what kind of implant do I have? or hey, I have a recalled implant, what should I do? there is absolutely no charge for the consultation. If you don’t know what kind of implant you have—call us. We will get the records from the hospital—we don’t charge you for those—and we’ll tell you, free-of-charge, what you have. So there’s absolutely no cost in contacting us.

If you have a claim, and you want to pursue the claim, we take the case on a contingent-fee-basis, meaning that if you recover compensation through the lawsuit from Stryker, our fee is one-third. If there is no recovery for some reason, you don’t pay us a penny. So there’s absolutely no cash outlay that you’ll ever have if you hire our firm.

One thing to always make sure of as well is, when you hire a lawyer, find out if the lawyer that you hire is going to be the lawyer that is going to represent you, because there are some firms that advertise that collect cases. They advertise, they sign up clients, and then they refer them out to somebody else—and that firm might refer them out to somebody else. And so the poor client may not ever know who his lawyer is.

If you hire our firm, you hire our firm. We’re your lawyers, we’re not referring your cases out. If you have questions, we’re here, we’ll meet you for a cup of coffee. If you’re out of state, we can come visit you, we can talk on the phone—but we’re your lawyers, and we’ll never refer you out to somebody else.