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Lawyer Round Tables: What Makes Us Different [Video]

Meshbesher & Spence lawyer round tables. In this video, the criminal defense team talks about what makes Meshbesher & Spence different from other firms, and how the resources available at the firm benefit clients.


Daniel Guerrero: What do you see different in Meshbesher & Spence than the firm you came from?

Zachary Bauer: Well I think the collection of individuals as attorneys and their knowledge, not only in the criminal area but in the personal injury area and mass torts. It’s an excellent group of attorneys. I made that move because of different attorneys that we have, because of Ron Meshbesher, because of the different things that we can provide to attorneys when it comes to resources. Sometimes different law firms just simply don’t have those resources at their disposal, they don’t have the number of attorneys with the knowledge in that area to make the significant different that we, I think, owe it to our clients to be able to make. And for us it’s about, I’m in Rochester, but it’s all throughout southeastern Minnesota, it’s western Minnesota, southwestern Minnesota, up in Duluth area. We’ll go anywhere for people. Well meet people anywhere. And I think our knowledge allows us to be successful not just in metro areas or in southeastern Minnesota but throughout the state of Minnesota.

Daniel Guerrero: And I have been everywhere in the state and I’m also fortunate to have a good federal practice as well. And to get into the federal practice is different in that you’re not dealing with that many judges and I’ve gotten to know the federal judges district courts here in Minnesota to a degree where they also, I feel, they have respect for who I am as an attorney and what I can bring to my client and they know that that individual who is being represented by me or yourself or one of our other lawyers in this firm is going to be treated well and get good representation in court with that judge.

Zachary Bauer: And the name means a lot, I mean the name Meshbesher and Spence means a lot to our clients, it means a lot to us, but it also means a lot to judges. They’ve seen the attorneys that came before us,  they’ll see the attorneys that come after us and it’s part of kind of making sure that we’re able to meet the standards that set before us which are pretty high standards.

Daniel Guerrero: Well I would agree and I was fortunate to work with and try cases with Ron Meshbesher and there’s no one better because of the excellence that he brought to this profession and the humility that he also had, Ron was not someone that tooted his horn a lot. He was prepared, he was intelligent, he was compassionate and also very respected and he did so because he had a warm personality and I’ve learned from that. That it’s important to be yourself in these type of cases and if you are and you have that compassion you’re going to do well.