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A new youth program in Rochester, Minnesota, is partnering youth baseball players with children who have disabilities. Andrew Davick of Meshbesher & Spence recently discussed his law firm’s role with this new project and how the program is helping the Rochester community as a whole.
Team Up

What is Team Up? Team Up is a cooperative effort between several local organizations, including the Rochester Youth Baseball Association, the Miracle Field Program, and the Rochester Honkers. Team Up brings members of the Rochester Youth Baseball Association together with the children who are part of Miracle Field. It’s an exciting opportunity for both of these great organizations but, most importantly, it’s a way to build the community by bringing two youth organizations together to play a sport everyone loves.

Tell us a little about Miracle Field. Miracle Field is a facility that allows disabled children to play baseball games. Currently, there are eight teams participating in the program, and those teams make up the Miracle League. Team Up partners players from the Rochester Youth Baseball Association with the Miracle League to allow Miracle League players to have a buddy as they run bases or pitch. We’re excited about what a great opportunity this will be for both groups.

Explain a little about how this is a win for both groups. Through Team Up, Rochester Youth league members will have an opportunity to work with children in the community who have certain challenges in their lives. This will be a major growth opportunity for our league members. At the same time, the members of the Miracle Field league will be able to learn more about the sport from a group of young players. The motto of Rochester Youth Baseball is youth growing through baseball, and what better way to grow than to help others? With Miracle Field, a blind child will usually have a buddy that helps him find the next base.

The Meshbesher & Spence Connection

How is Meshbesher & Spence involved with Team Up? As a board member of Rochester Youth Baseball, our firm is interested in getting involved with the community in different ways. We wanted to sponsor programs that are meaningful and have an impact. The Rochester Honkers asked if we were interested in sponsoring the event and, for our firm, it was a no-brainer.

What are your hopes for Team Up? The ultimate goal is that this will grow, gaining more community support and possibly leading to more opportunities in the future. The Minnesota Twins are already involved with Miracle Field across the state, with more facilities being built in different areas of Minnesota.

How does someone learn more about Team Up? There are two sources for information on Team Up. One is Rochester Youth Baseball’s website, which is rybamn.com.

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