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In this case, the “at fault” company (an employee of this company caused a worker’s injuries on a bridge construction project) claimed that under Minnesota law they were not responsible for paying any compensation because they were working as a “common enterprise” with the injured party’s employer. They therefore claimed that the injured worker was limited only to worker’s compensation benefits…


An independent owner operator truck driver was permanently injured when a crane operator lost control of a fabricated concrete beam and negligently swung the beam at the truck driver. Since then the truck driver has undergone four surgeries and has been unable to return to work. Meshbesher & Spence attorneys, John Sheehy & Pamela Spaulding represented the truck driver….


A maintenance worker at a manufacturing facility in Anoka, MN sustained catastrophic burns over a major portion of his body when a valve ruptured on a tank containing sulfuric acid. The acid was used in the manufacturing process and was ordered in 350-gallon polypropylene containers from a local distributor….


Appellate Work—Closner v. Illinois Farmers—successfully argued that a policy business pursuits/employment exclusion was ambiguous thus reversing a coverage denial involving a claim of a newspaper delivery person.