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How Long Do Workers' Compensation Settlements Take in Minnesota?

Once a Minnesota workers’ compensation claim is settled, the settlement funds are not issued immediately. 

The paperwork drafting process is typically handled by the attorney for the employer and insurer in a Minnesota workers’ compensation case. There is a strict process that is followed when settlements are completed.

What's the Average Timeline?

On average, the process takes 45 days from the time the case is settled until the stipulation for settlement (i.e., settlement paperwork) gets in front of a judge for review.

This means that the process may be shorter than 45 days in some cases and longer in others. All parties work as hard as possible to comply with Minn. R. 1420.2050, requiring stipulations for settlement to be filed within 45 days of settlement. However, as noted, in some cases it takes longer at which point “good cause” must be shown for the delay. 

How Can I Streamline the Process?

The speed at which the attorney for the insurance company completes your workers’ compensation settlement paperwork is primarily determined by how quickly the intervenors (i.e., medical providers, health insurers, disability insurance carriers, Minnesota Department of Human Services, child support, etc.) respond to negotiations for settlement of their own claims. 

If you have received treatment by out-of-state providers or have federal health insurance plans (e.g. Medicare, TRICARE), the process can take longer because these entities are not subject to Minnesota law. 

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