According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), more than 30,000 people are arrested for DWI in Minnesota every year. In 2013, drunk driving claimed the lives of 95 Minnesotans (10,076 nationally) as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Each of these cases is unique depending on the situation. Your responsibility while on our Minnesota roadways is great, driving while intoxicated is a very serious violation of the law and could lead to death of both the driver and his or her victims. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with a DWI, it is essential to select a lawyer who is experienced in criminal law.
Being charged with a DWI is a very serious matter and should be treated as such. You are facing criminal charges where you risk severe penalties such as jail time or a criminal record, which could have potentially devastating effects on your life including loss or damage to future job prospects, housing options, and even relationships.

While parking or speeding violations can be handled on your own, a DWI is not something to try and work out on your own. You need the legal advice of a qualified criminal defense lawyer to help protect your rights and future.
Even if you do not end up retaining a lawyer to represent you in court, an initial consultation can help you better understand the nature of the charges against you, identify important pretrial issues, illuminate all available defenses, and help you to see what types of motions could impact your situation, as well as the facts about what might be likely to happen in the event of a conviction.
The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in Minnesota is 0.08 or higher (0.04 in a commercial vehicle). Whether in motion or parked, if you’re in control of a vehicle and meet or exceed that 0.08 BAC, you can be arrested and charged with a DWI and face both criminal penalties in addition to administrative license sanctions. Depending on the level of intoxication, how many previous DWI offenses you’ve had, and the severity of the crime you could face any of the following repercussions:
License suspension
Jail time
Driving privilege restrictions and revocation
Ignition interlock: a system installed in your vehicle that requires you take a breathalyzer before the ignition will start
License plate impoundment
Vehicle forfeit and impoundment

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI, call our office immediately. Our Minnesota attorneys are here to advocate for your interest during these most critical, life-changing matters. We offer 24 hour availability seven days a week and charge you nothing for your first consultation, whether at our office or in jail. When so much is at stake, you can’t afford to choose anyone but the very best and well-respected criminal lawyers. Call the Minnesota criminal defense lawyers you can trust at Meshbesher & Spence.
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