For those who have received the recently recalled Stryker hip replacement devices (Rejuvenate and ABG II) and experienced symptoms of hip replacement failure, the painful journey to recovery has just begun.

Not only will these patients have to undergo blood and MRI testing to verify their hip replacement’s failure and have to undergo painful revision surgery to remove and replace the company’s faulty Rejuvenate and ABG II implants, they will also have to get used to a changes in mobility as a result of using a different hip replacement system.


Stryker’s modular neck hip replacement systems are different from other traditional fixed all-metal hip replacement implants in that they were designed to offer a more personalized fit, adapting to each patient’s individual needs. This femoral hip stem was created to allow surgeons to correct for particular aspects of a patient’s anatomy.

Unfortunately, adjustable custom fit design or not, these Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II model hip implants are causing pain, swelling, reduced mobility, and other complications including metal poisoning for many of their recipients, indicating failure.

While other metal-on-metal hip device failures have plagued the market, causing failures, complications, recalls, and revision surgeries, Stryker’s failures are further complicated by their unique fit, feel and design.

Which means revision surgery to replace the defective Stryker hip implant system comes with its own unique adaptation issues for the patient, when replaced with other more traditional fixed hip replacement systems, requiring an even longer recovery for the patient and the possibility of loss of the level of mobility achieved with the Stryker device.

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