Undergoing litigation-especially personal injury cases-can be one of life’s most stressful events. Depression, hurt, anger, anxiety, shock, guilt, and shame are just some of the emotions you may go through. And the mental stress often takes its toll physically as well.

Although much of what will happen during litigation is beyond your control, there are some steps you can take to minimize the strain.

Litigation: Steps to reduce stress

Choose an attorney that suits your needs: Choosing an attorney is not as easy as calling up the first name you find on Google. And it’s not always wise to take a friend or co-worker’s recommendation either. What might be right for them, may not suit your needs. Make sure you meet face to face before making a final decision. You want to find someone experienced, but also someone you’re comfortable with, someone you feel you can talk to and trust.

Relinquish control: Once you’ve chosen a professional to assist you, some of the feelings of burden should shift from your shoulders to theirs-that’s why you hired them. It’s time to put some faith and trust in the professional you hired and relinquish control, allowing them to do their job.

Ask questions: A lot of the anxiety you may experience during litigation could come from unnecessary worry over things you don’t understand. Instead of staying up half the night thinking, stop the worry in its tracks by asking your attorney questions regarding anything you feel unsure about. You may not like all the answers, but it’s better than feeling your way in the dark.

Decide what matters and don’t sweat the small stuff: Sometimes a case can get bogged down in minutia. If you worry about every little thing it can feel overwhelming. We recommend deciding ahead of time what matters most in your case and staying focused on that, no matter how off track things may feel at times.

Take time for yourself: Finally, it’s important to have downtime throughout this stressful period. Make a list of activities that renew and feed your spirit such as visiting a park, taking a hot bath, or having a lunch date with a friend, then set aside some time each week doing one of these things to give yourself a break from the stress and get your mind centered.

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