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Sponsored by Rep. Mary Liz Holberg (R-Lakeville) and Sen. Dan Hall (R-Burnsville), a new law requires all teachers and assistant teachers at a child care center to successfully complete CPR training, including CPR techniques for infants and children. At least one staff person with training must be present during field trips and when transporting children. The training would have to occur within 90 days after the start of employment.

Prior to the law, child care centers were required to have at least one trained staff person present in the facility when children are present, but did not require that person to be in the room with the children.

“Hannah’s Law” is named after a 4-year-old girl who died in June 2010 after choking on a grape at a child care center. Her family urged legislators to take action and the bill was passed unanimously. The new law goes into effect August 1, 2011.

We believe “Hannah’s Law” has the potential to save lives, because the law requires that CPR trained workers be present where they are most able to help the children for whom they are paid to provide care.