Do I need A lawyer After An Accident?

You Should Always Consider a Lawyer.

Whether you need a lawyer after an injury will depend on the details of your accident. You should always consider calling a lawyer after a severe accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. Such accidents usually have many legal and insurance problems. If those problems are not handled promptly, they can seriously affect your rights and the potential for recovering full and fair compensation. An experienced lawyer will usually have an investigator interview witnesses, take photographs and do whatever is necessary to find out the cause of the accident. Identifying and promptly interviewing witnesses is very important.

When injuries from an accident are so disabling that a person’s daily activities are affected, a lawyer can make sure all insurance benefits are being paid and will continue to be paid. A lawyer will also advise the insurance company in writing, about the full extent and nature of the injuries and other damages.

Accidents resulting in serious personal injuries can also have an emotionally distressing effect. An experienced personal injury lawyer and his/her staff can help answer questions, make the decisions easier to determine and be a strong advocate for the injured victim and his/her family.