Though naturally occurring in the world, affecting us every day in small amounts from as far away as outer space and as close to us as the ground on which we walk, the food we eat, and even in our own bodies, radiation administered in a hospital is another story altogether.

According to the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), “Today, nearly half of the exposure of the U.S. population to radiation comes from medical sources.” Along with x-rays and CT scans, one-third of all successful cancer treatments use radiation to kill cells and shrink tumors.


Although radiation therapy saves countless lives, there is always some risk, much like surgery, even under the best circumstances. But additionally, there is a risk of malpractice, receiving too much radiation (overdose) and, in some cases, too little (underdose), allowing the cancer to spread. In extreme instances, overexposure can result in tissue death, paralysis, skin changes such as peeling and sores, and damage to other body parts and organs.

In some cases, patients have received radiation in the wrong part of the body entirely. The results are often fatal as was the case for Scott Jerome-Parks who was being treated for tongue cancer, but wound up receiving radiation treatment to his brain stem and neck due to a computer error.


Unfortunately, human error is largely the culprit with this sort of radiation therapy malpractice. Possible causes include:

Software flaws
Faulty programming
Poor safety procedures
Inadequate staffing and training
Patient mix-ups
The bottom line: radiation treatment is dangerous and if the strict guidelines set out for health care providers to oversee and administer radiation aren’t followed, and you or a loved one was inappropriately exposed to radiation due to a doctor or medical professional’s negligence, you may have a claim.

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