Though some around the nation may have been surprised by Minneapolis being named Bicycle Magazines 2010 Best City for Bicycling, Minnesotans know better. We aren’t going to let a little thing like snow, keep us from our bikes. In fact, between 2003 and 2008 the number of city bicyclists increased 174%. But with all these bikes on the road, cycling safety is more important than ever.
According to the Minneapolis Police Department, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians share the blame when it comes to the number one contributing factor in biking accidents: failure to yield. Disregarding the rules of the road, ignoring traffic signals and failing to be aware of their surroundings were also major contributing factors.
Here’s what bicyclists can do to gear up for safety.

Always wear your helmet
Obey all traffic signs and signals
Always ride with the flow of traffic
Always be courteous and yield the right of way
Follow lane markers staying in the proper bike lanes
Bike defensively scanning the road to avoid possible issues before they happen
Allow extra braking time for poor weather conditions
Never ride after drinking this can impair your cognitive abilities and reflexes
Learn to maintain your bike and keep it in good repair take a class on basic bike maintenance like those offered at Sibley Bike Depot in St. Paul.
Make sure your and your bike is visible in all lighting conditions use lights and reflectors as well as light colored or reflective clothing.
Watch for hazardous terrain look for ice, manholes, gravel, debris and other obstacles on the road.
Know and use the proper hand signals
Never wear headphones while biking Be aware!
Avoid driver blind spots and opening car doors
Maintain proper speed for conditions
Never pass on the right
No Passengers unless your bike is properly equipped with child safety seats or a tandem, there should be no on else on the bike with you.
Take a bike safety class like those offered by BikeMNs Smart cycling curriculum.
If you’ve been the victim of a biking accident, contact Meshbesher & Spence immediately for a consultation with our personal injury attorneys and medical experts.