Infection After Bair Hugger® Used In Orthopedic Surgery?

Certain authors link 3M Bair Hugger® devices to an increased risk of infection after knee and joint replacement surgeries.

Bair Hugger® may be associated with an increase in the rate of deep tissue infections following total joint replacement surgeries. These deep infections often require multiple surgeries including debridement, to replace the implant, essentially clean all the bacteria out the joint and administer antibiotics.

Studies in the Bone & Joint Journal and other publications suggested that the use of Bair Hugger® may be linked to:

More than 2,000 times more particles in the air near the surgical site.
A potentially 3.8 times increased risk of infection in the new joint.
The Bair Hugger® device is manufactured and distributed by 3M, and is used in tens of thousands of hip and knee replacement surgeries every year. Most patients are likely to be unaware if the Bair Hugger® device was used in their surgery. If you have had a hip or knee replacement surgery and were diagnosed with infection shortly thereafter, your infection may be related to the Bair Hugger® :

Deep tissue infection
Swelling at surgical site
Multiple hospitalizations
IV antibiotic therapy
Additional surgery required to clear an infection
Removal and revision of the implant device
If you or a loved one underwent a hip or knee replacement after 2009 and were subsequently diagnosed with an infection, please call our office for a free consultation at (888) 728-9866. We will help you determine whether a Bair Hugger® was used during your surgery and, if so, whether you may have a claim against 3M.