The clock is ticking for those impacted by the Stryker hip replacement recall and Meshbesher & Spence is working hard to get the word out. Attorney Ashleigh Raso recently stopped by radio station KROC AM to discuss what affected consumers need to do to make sure they get the assistance they need.

About the Recall

What is the Stryker? Stryker is a big name in medical supplies, manufacturing everything from beds to IVs. The company also provides numerous hip replacements and two of the replacements are involved in recall litigation.

Which hip replacements are affected by the recall? Two hip replacements are at the center of the recall: the ABG II and the Rejuvenate. These replacements were implanted in patients starting in 2007 and were taken off the market in July of 2012.

Were all Stryker hip rep? Not everyone who had a Stryker hip replacement during this time period was affected. It would likely have been a first hip replacement, not a revision.

The Reason for the Recall

Why did the hips fail? The two hip replacement products affected by the recall weren’t tested as well as they should have been.

Were the doctors to blame? Medical professionals place trust in Stryker, which is a well-respected name in the medical community. Doctors were told this new product would be a top-of-the-line product due to a modular design that would allow it to fit a wider range of patients.

Reported Problems

When did people start noticing there were problems with these Stryker hip replacements? Starting in 2012, an unusual number of complaints began rolling in. Doctors were seeing patients with high levels of cobalt and chromium, as well as infections. Soon after, it was recalled.

How does it get into the bloodstream?

There are a couple of different theories about this. One of them is that the cobalt and chromium is grinding and fretting, with pieces of it falling off.

How does a patient prove there was a faulty part?


Once a problem has been identified, the doctor will perform surgery to replace it with new parts. Meshbesher & Spence retains the explant and keep it in a cold storage facility. This shows the corrosion in the metal.

Filing a Complaint

Is there a deadline for those who have one of the affected hip replacements? Because the part was recalled in 2012, the clock started ticking more than two years ago. This is why it is imperative that consumers speak with an attorney right away to learn about the statute of limitations as it relates to them.

Do I need an attorney?

Settlement agreements sometimes stipulate that those who aren’t signed up with an attorney by a specific date will be forced to take a 30 percent reduction. Those without an attorney are also susceptible to offers of a settlement directly from the company, without realizing that this type of settlement requires a large amount be paid back to the healthcare insurer.

How does a consumer know if a Stryker replacement is in place?

It’s unlikely a consumer would know the brand of hip replacement that was used. Anyone who has had a hip replacement between 2007 and 2012 should see a physician to make sure one of the affected Stryker hip replacements weren’t used.

In addition to Stryker hip replacements, Meshbesher & Spence also handles cases with many other metal-on-metal hip replacements that have proven to be problematic. Contact Raso at 612.767.5123.