Meshbesher Lawyers Eric Palmer & Nate DahlMeshbesher & Spence Lawyers Nate Dahl and Eric Palmer Secure Multi-Million Dollar Verdict for Injured Clients

Elk River— February 10, 2023On February 10, 2023, Zimmerman residents secured a $5.8 million verdict against Brokings Transport of Grand Rapids, Inc., a trucking company, in the Sherburne County District Court.  This civil lawsuit stemmed from a collision on Highway 169 at its intersection with County Road 74 on October 19, 2016.  The lawsuit alleged and a jury unanimously confirmed that the Brokings Transport semi-truck was driven without its lights on at the time of the nighttime collision.  This lawsuit claimed personal injury damages against the trucking company and its insurance company for a mild traumatic brain injury sustained by Plaintiff in the collision, and for harm to the relationship between Plaintiff and her husband.  Plaintiff continues to courageously seek out therapy for her condition and has made significant improvements overall, yet she remains limited in her day-to-day life because of the collision.  This verdict comes as vindication to Plaintiff’s and her family, who had been denied justice since the date of the collision.

The approximate $5.8M in damages awarded were unanimously determined by the jury as follows:

  • Past medical expenses: $91,568
  • Past wage loss: $166,484
  • Past pain, suffering and disability: $673,060
  • Future medical expenses: $199,000
  • Future wage loss and diminution of earning capacity: $1,120,750
  • Future pain, suffering and disability: $2,498,644
  • Past loss of consortium: $224,353
  • Future loss of consortium: $832,881

This represents the largest personal injury verdict in the history of Sherburne County District Court.

After the hearing post-verdict motions to vacate the judgment, the District Court later confirmed the verdict in favor of Plaintiffs.

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