Anoka County Burglary Revocation Hearing (August 2015)

Mr. Guerrero was successful in convincing the probation officer and the prosecutor that his client was entitled to time served which resulted in his client’s immediate release from jail, and discharge from probation and allowing his client to return to his home state of Arizona.

Hennepin County Fifth Degree Controlled Substance Offense (August 2015)

After his client was discharged from Operation De Novo, a diversion program designed to allow persons accused of certain felony offenses to avoid a criminal record, Mr. Guerrero was successful in convincing the prosecutor to give his client another opportunity to succeed in the diversion program.

Dakota County Multiple Counts of Gross Misdemeanor Domestic Assault and DANCO Violations (October 2015)

Mr. Guerrero’s client was an Iraqi war veteran suffering from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. Working closely with the Judge and the prosecutor and with strong support from the client’s wife over the course of many months to insure the client’s sobriety and ongoing treatment with his therapist, Mr. Guerrero was successful in obtaining a misdemeanor sentence for his client, without any jail time, which allowed his client keep his job.

Western Minnesota Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident—Counsel in seven figure settlement for 50 year old man injured in motorcycle accident in Western MN. Client was injured when a delivery van pulled out from an intersection forcing the client to put down his motorcycle resulting in significant urologic injuries.

Man Seriously Injured by Defective Ladder

As a favor to a friend, a man agreed to paint some of the rooms inside the friend’s home. The friend and his wife provided the materials, including a ladder. While the man was using the ladder, it suddenly collapsed and “scissored” his ankle in such a way that it broke all the ankle bones and nearly severed the foot…