Stryker Announces New Settlement of Rejuvenate and ABGII Cases

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Stryker Orthopaedics Recalls Rejuvenate Modular Hip System

Being fitted with a new hip joint is supposed to be a celebrated occurrence, as a hip implant generally leads to more mobility and less pain. Doctors and patients alike must trust the implant manufacturer to provide a device that's safe and effective. When it becomes clear the device is malfunctioning, not only can it cause the patient physical pain and infection, but also decrease mobility even more.

In July of 2012, Stryker Orthopaedics recalled the particular hip system that includes both the Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II modular-neck hip stems. This system, along with other such metal-on-metal hip replacement systems, has been linked to infections, soreness, squeaking joints, and other health issues.

If you or a loved one has received the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular Hip System, Meshbesher & Spence is prepared to defend your rights.

The Law Firm of Meshbesher and Spence, Ltd. is currently handling claims involving the Stryker Orthopaedics Rejuvenate Modular Hip System. Individuals with this product are at risk for complications associated with fretting or corrosion at the modular neck junction. This can result in failure of the device, necrosis of existing tissue, metallosis, tissue inflammation, other potential long term complications and potential revision or replacement of the product.

Stryker Recalls LFIT™ Anatomic CoCr V40™ Femoral Heads

Stryker has recalled a popular femoral head used during total hip replacement surgeries. On August 29, 2016, Stryker sent a letter to orthopedic surgeons advising them of a “higher than expected” incidence of taper lock failure for certain sizes of its LFIT™ Anatomic CoCr V40™ Femoral Heads. Potential patient complications from taper lock failure include device loosening or fracture, necrosis of surrounding tissue, and metallosis, which could require additional surgery to revise or replace the product.

The law firm of Meshbesher and Spence is currently handling claims involving the recalled Stryker V40™ femoral heads. If you or a loved one received a recall femoral head, call us today for a free consultation. If you do not know whether a V40™ femoral head was implanted, please give us a call. We will contact the hospital and obtain this information for you free of charge.

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