Meshbesher and Spence lawyer, Mark Streed represented the family of their beloved and still vibrant 100-year-old mother and grandmother, who suffered traumatic injuries when the roof of the van she was in crashed into the overhead beam of a parking ramp. The ramp’s overhead cement beam was only 6’ 11” high (and the van was 7’ 6” in height).

The crash threw the 100-year-old woman forward, causing an aortic rupture that ultimately caused her death the next day. While the driver of the medical van exercised poor judgment, the bigger culprit was the owner and designer of the parking ramp. The ramp entrance had been created just two years earlier. Unfortunately, the entrance did not have any height restriction warnings alerting drivers of the dangerously low overhead clearance heights inside the ramp.

Ultimately Streed was able to prove a negligence claim against both the medical van operator and the owner/designer of the parking ramp entrance. The family Streed represented was extremely gratified that the parking ramp did, ultimately, incorporate state-of-the-art overhead height restriction warnings so as to prevent a similar occurrence from happening.