Mark Streed represented the family of their 82 year old mother and grandmother who was caused to slip and fall and land on her head in the vestibule of a large grocery store. Investigation and depositions revealed the elderly woman had just entered the store’s foyer and was getting her bearings as her eyes adjusted from the bright sunshine to the indoor light.

As she took her first step toward the line of shopping carts she tripped over a large rug that had been left bunched up and partially rolled up (in front of the carts) by a vendor whose employee was hastily creating a soft drink display in the store’s foyer. The vendor’s employee quickly left the store while EMTs were working on the customer.

Fortunately, video surveillance cameras and an eye-witness were able to explain how the hazard created by the bunched up rug caused to the senior citizen to fall and sustain her fatal head trauma.

The vendor and his employer were ultimately held responsible and accountable to pay significant money damages for this very sad and very preventable wrongful death.