A Twin Cities area schoolteacher was driving to her daughter’s soccer game, when an inattentive driver, traveling at 50 mph, crashed into a third vehicle causing that vehicle to be propelled directly into the teacher’s lane of travel. The subsequent head-on collision crushed the teacher’s car to the point emergency personnel required the “jaws of life” to extricate her from the vehicle. The tremendous force of the crash also caused lumbar vertebrae “burst fractures”, necessitating two back surgeries and months of intense rehabilitation. The injured teacher demonstrated great strength and dedicated fortitude as she fought to recover as much functional use of her back as possible. Four months after the crash the courageous teacher returned to her classroom and students. Meshbesher & Spence attorney, Mark Streed pursued claims for the teacher against the inattentive driver (who was found 100% responsible) and his insurer (he was well-insured). The inattentive driver’s insurer paid their FULL and significant policy limits to compensate the teacher for her life-changing injuries and losses.