Radiation Errors Under Investigation

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Radiation Errors Under Investigation

More on the radiation errors under investigation. CentraCare admits to mistreating patients. No issues to radiation equipment. Employees to blame.

Cancer Patients given wrong doses of Radiation

“This is a difficult situation for many of our clients that now has become a tragic situation,” says Josh Tuchscherer, an attorney with Meshbesher and Spence, which is representing more than 15 Coborn clinic patients.

“We’re seeing both under-radiated patients as well as over-radiated patients, from all across different kinds of cancers – head and neck, lungs, spine, breast stomach, prostate,” said Tuchscherer.

Sartell Mom Among Patients Dealing with Possible Errors in Radiation Treatment

Comstock’s Minneapolis-based attorney Joshua M. Tuchscherer told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he has heard from other former patients.

“Usually it’s an individual who’s completed the treatment program, has completed the treatment plan, and then – months later, sometimes years later – are now finding out that there were errors in that treatment plan,” Tuchscherer said.

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