On July 9, 2013, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety published a press release about increased motorcyclist fatalities in Minnesota. Here are some of the facts from the release:
Last year at this time, there were 18 motorcycle deaths. This year, there have been 26.
June was the deadliest month for riders this year, with 10 deaths.
At the time of the press release, 5 riders had been killed so far in July.
Over half of those killed (15) were not wearing a helmet.
Whether you’re a motorcyclist or operating another vehicle and sharing the road with cyclists, there are many easy ways to be safe on the roads. Motorcyclists should wear protective gear, ride at safe and appropriate speeds, avoid riding at sunrise, dusk and overnight in areas with a heavy deer population, and receive proper training.

Other motorists should be vigilant in watching for motorcyclists. Always check your blind spots for smaller vehicles that you can’t see in the mirror, give cyclists extra space, and just use caution when driving next to them.

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