The implants were recalled due to corrosion and “fretting,” which can potentially cause fragments of the implant to travel to body tissue. This process can cause an adverse tissue reaction, as well as swelling around the hip. Stryker advised medical professionals to conduct a clinical exam on anyone who received a Stryker hip replacement during the affected timeframe.

Meshbesher & Spence has been at the forefront of the multi-district litigation (MDL) since the very beginning. By filing it as MDL, it allows patients in multiple states to be involved in the lawsuit. Meshbesher & Spence’s Zimmerman was appointed interim lead counsel early in the case, with another Meshbesher & Spence attorney, Tony Nemo, appointed as interim liaison counsel.

To get the word out about the litigation, Meshbesher & Spence is launching campaigns in several states, in addition to the work it is doing in its home state of Minnesota. The law firm has an online portal to make the process of getting information and becoming a part of the litigation as convenient as possible.

Zimmerman is one of four attorneys serving on the settlement committee in the Stryker hip replacement MDL. To help with the case, our attorneys regularly work hard reviewing documents and researching aspects of the case to help customers get the resolution they need. Meshbesher & Spence’s attorneys have been present at numerous depositions on the case, as well as presenting and arguing motions in front of the court. The firm is working hard to ensure those with Stryker hip replacements know about the litigation and get the settlement they need to take care of the medical issues that may arise.

Due to its in-depth involvement in the Stryker hip replacement case, Meshbesher & Spence is well qualified to help consumers navigate the facts of the case. For more information on the Stryker hip replacement MDL or to join the litigation, contact Meshbesher & Spence at 1-888-728-9866 or 612-339-9121.