Every year thousands of people are injured by faulty medical devices that were never properly tested. Those affected know how difficult and frustrating dealing with the aftereffects of such an unpleasant event can be—a fact that, through years of experience helping such individuals, the lawyers at Meshbesher & Spence fully understand. If you are one of the many that has suffered wrongfully from a faulty hip implant or other medical device, you may ask yourself the question, should I hire a lawyer? There’s no one better to weigh in on this than our own Tony Nemo.

An attorney with Meshbesher & Spence since 1990, Tony Nemo has represented thousands of people injured by medical devices such as the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABGII hip implants, the Copper-7 and Dalkon Shield IUDs, cardio defibrillators, pacemakers, cochlear implants, and surgical mesh. Throughout his over 15 years of practice, Mr. Nemo has recovered more than $50 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients.

Is it important to hire a lawyer for medical device litigation?

It’s critical that patients injured by medical devices, including the Stryker implants, contact a lawyer. Timeliness is of the utmost importance. There are various actions that need to be taken immediately when you have one of these implants.

For example, when there’s a revision surgery, we need to retrieve and properly store the parts that come out. They can’t just be given to the patient and stored in a shoebox somewhere. Because these parts serve as evidence in the case, they have to be handled appropriately. Sometimes the parts go missing and create a big problem—so a lawyer is very important for this reason.

Timing is also important because there are deadlines for filing claims. A person can’t just sit on a claim and not do anything about it and then one day, at a later date, decide they want to pursue it. A lawyer is essential because, from their years of experience, they already know everything that needs to be done. This enables them to act quickly to protect the patient’s rights.

Does it matter if the lawyer is local?

Yes. We recommend not calling the type of firm you see advertised on late-night television. Not only is the expediency not there, but the client won’t really know who they’re getting either. There’re firms out there that may have a professional website and a nice commercial, but they don’t really know what they’re doing.

When a person entrusts their case to someone they don’t know anything about, it can lead to an unfavorable outcome. Meshbesher & Spence has been here for decades. We’ve assembled a team of lawyers to handle these exact types of cases, and for those living in Minnesota, we’re right here in your backyard. We’ll come out and see you, have a cup of coffee, and discuss your case. We firmly stand by our belief that we’re simply the best in town.

If you, or a loved one, have been injured by a faulty medical device, we urge you to please contact the experienced attorneys at Meshbesher and Spence immediately in order to protect your legal rights. Call 612-339-9121 to discuss your case with Tony Nemo, or 1-888-728-9866 to speak with one of our other attorneys.