According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 28 people die every day in the United States as a result of drunk driving. Now, you can make a difference by volunteering your time and positivity to help combat drunk driving among youths.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is now accepting applications from high school students to participate in the 2014/2015 Teen Influencer Group. “As a member of the Teen Influencer Group,” MADD states, “you agree to take a stand against underage drinking and riding in cars with someone who has been drinking.”

This one-year commitment lasts from July 2014 to June 2015. While offering your voice and support to your peers, you will participate in a wide range of fun events and activities to educate and empower others to not drink and drive. Some of the events include Walk Like MADD (a 5k walk), Red Ribbon Week, the Youth Jam Conference, the Candlelight Vigil, and the Statewide Recognition Event.
To participate you must be a substance-free high school student, 14-18 years of age; a Minnesota resident and live within 50 miles of a MADD office. You also must be willing to attend monthly meetings. For a detailed description of requirements and expectations see the online application (link below).

Founded in 1980, MADD is a non-profit organization that was started by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. As stated in their Articles of Incorporation, MADD’s mission is to “aid the victims of crimes performed by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to aid the families of such victims and to increase public awareness of the problem of drinking and drugged driving.”

Over 61,000 victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving accidents were helped by MADD in 2012 alone. Now you can volunteer, and take pride in helping someone.

Applications to become part of the Teen Influencer Group are available here.

Follow this link for more statistics about MADD and drunk driving.