Nearly two thousand women have reported their Paragard IUD breaking, causing health complications
and the need for additional corrective surgery.

A doctor holding an IUD

Paragard IUD lawsuits claim the device breaks upon removal and causes serious injuries and the need for surgery. It is alleged Paragard is defective and manufacturers failed to adequately warn about the risk of device breakage and injury.

A Paragard IUD lawsuit is a claim for financial compensation by women who were injured by the Paragard IUD fracturing in their uterine cavity. Plaintiffs allege that Teva Pharmaceuticals and CooperCompanies created a defective contraceptive device and failed to warn doctors and patients about the substantial risk of the device breaking upon removal, despite Paragard being marketed as easy to remove.

Paragard is a small, T-shaped plastic intrauterine device (IUD) that uses copper to prevent pregnancy. Doctors implant it into the uterus and it can prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years.

Paragard lawsuit claims include:

•  IUD has manufacturing and design defects.
•  Labeling doesn’t adequately warn about breakage risk.
•  Defendant manufacturers were negligent.

Injuries and Complications

Injuries claimed in lawsuits stem from the device breaking upon removal.

Cooper Surgical’s website stats that “Paragard removal is nonsurgical and done by a healthcare provider during a routine office visit in just a few minutes.”

However, victims have claimed that Paragard broke during removal, leaving pieces of the IUD in their bodies. Some women required surgery to remove the device and treat complications caused by the broken Paragard IUD.

Injuries claimed in some of the Paragard lawsuits include:

•  Perforation of the uterus or cervix
•  Inflammations and allergic reactions to IUD pieces left in the body
•  IUD migration
•  IUD pieces missing or lodged in organs
•  Infertility
•  Need for surgery such as hysterectomy, laparoscopy or laparotomy
•  Pain
•  Infection
•  Broken IUD pieces cannot be removed

Potential plaintiffs are people who endured invasive procedures or surgeries following a failed IUD removal of the Paragard IUD. These procedures may include:

•  Hysteroscopy
•  Laparoscopy
•  Laparotomy (similar to a Caesarean section), or
•  Hysterectomy (which may be necessary after a uterine rupture)

Potential plaintiffs also include people with fractured IUD pieces still inside of them, whether or not they had a procedure in attempt to remove them.

Is There a Paragard IUD Recall?

Paragard has not been recalled for breakage issues and has no other recent recalls. The device is still available on the market.

Is There a Class Action Lawsuit?

There is no active class action for Paragard injuries. Lawyers are filing lawsuits on behalf of individuals injured by the device. This litigation is not a class action lawsuit. Each of our client’s lawsuits remains separate.

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