Cinnamon Challenge: Just Say No

Cinnamon – it’s something we all have in our spice cupboards at home – but did you know that your teen’s life could be in danger as the result of inhaling this spice? It’s something even “good kids” try, mostly because they believe it’s innocent enough – a seemingly silly child’s game – a dare. It’s called the “Cinnamon Challenge,” and physicians are now warning parents to…

Dangerous Food Dares Series: Soy Sauce

As your children grow, they become subject to peer pressure. Other kids challenge them to do things, sometimes silly and harmless, other times what may seem like harmless or even good-natured fun could actually cost your child their life. Food dares, a growing trend among today’s youth have even “good kids” getting in on the act.

Why? Because they wrongly believe th…

Food Dares: Ice and Salt

Kids have been doing stupid things on a dare for ages. In the 1930s, goldfish swallowing was all the rage. Nowadays teenagers are still swallowing live goldfish (just check YouTube), but they’re also engaging in dares of ever-increasing danger. The “Salt and Ice Challenge,” as it is commonly known, is another in a long line of popular food dares (see

Cold Water Dangers and Dares

Water, here in the land of “Ten Thousand Lakes,” is something we often take it for granted. It’s a part of our everyday life. It hydrates us and provides us with year-round outdoor fun. But water can also be deadly, presenting very serious health risks. These safety concerns are at the forefront of our minds during swimming and boating months, when everyone is looking to c…

Food Dares: Nutmeg

Though some kids treat nutmeg similar to the “cinnamon challenge” (trying to swallow a single spoonful without the aid of water) most are using it to get high by eating, drinking (mixed with coffee or another beverage), smoking, or snorting it. As with the…

Dangerous Food Dares: Water

Although water is essential for the body to function (it makes up approximately 60% of the adult human body according to the U.S. Geological Survey), too much of it — as the maxim goes — can be a bad thing. Mirroring the other food dares in our series
Soy Sauce

Dangerous Dares: The Fire Challenge

We’ve written about the salt and ice challenge as part of our ongoing dangerous dare series, but a new dare that is currently popular among kids and teens makes that one seem tame by comparison. The “fire challenge” (or “burn challenge” as some call it) is just what …