Car Crash Injuries Force Woman to Shut Down Her Business of 20+ Years

Streed’s client had no choice but to take her case to trial when she was only offered $35,000 on her car crash case—where her injuries included a herniated cervical disc that required surgery and caused her to close down the child day-care business she had operated for 20+ years– largely because the defendant driver (whose vehicle caused the rear-end collision) claimed Streed’s client could not possibly have been injured because the collision (or “tap” as the defendant called it) did not cause any structural damage to her vehicle.  Medical issues were hotly contested as was just about every aspect of the case.  In addition, several months before this trial, Streed’s client was involved in a subsequent crash, where her vehicle was totaled out. After a week long trial in Washington County a jury returned a verdict that resulted in a final judgement, after taxing costs and interest, of over $300,000 in favor of Streed’s client.

Hair Stylist Injured on Ice Outside Salon

Streed represented a hair salon stylist who slipped on an accumulation of glare ice outside the building where she worked.  Her ankle bones were shattered and dislocated and the surgery to repair the many fractures was very complicated.  She was unable to return to work for nearly a full year.  The building owner initially denied any responsibility claiming the walkway had been fully cleared and salted before the light dusting of snow fell (and covered up the glare ice).  Streed was able to locate security video from a camera mounted outside the building that clearly showed the building owner’s maintenance crew had NOT done anything to address the unnatural accumulation of dangerous ice which created a dangerous hidden hazard which is what his client encountered when she walked onto the walkway that day.  Litigation led to a settlement of over $250,000 for Streed’s client.

93 Year Old Dies from Car Crash Complications

Streed represented the family of an amazing and unique 93 year old matriarch who died from complications of a crushed sternum and fractured ribs caused by a car crash.  Working with this amazing family and a highly skilled videographer, Streed created a 9 minute video that brought the message home to the responsible insurance company:  This was an active, bright, engaged and energetic woman who, despite her age, was still giving much to her adult children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  The ultimate wrongful death settlement was several times more than what is typically seen for a such a senior citizen’s death case largely due to the affect of the video presentation.