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Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorneys & Accidental Death Lawyers

The tragic, accidental death of a loved one is an injustice too great to bear alone. Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorneys & Accidental Death Lawyers

The needless loss of a family member in an accident caused by another person's negligence, inattention or carelessness, is emotionally painful and damaging to a family. Your family may be able to recover compensation for the loss of companionship and any economic damage through a wrongful death claim against the parties responsible.

Meshbesher & Spence will help you seek justice in your tragic circumstances.
Wrongful death claims can be brought in a wide variety of circumstances when a person is killed in an accident caused by another's negligence.  In Minnesota, for instance, wrongful death cases could include:

Why should Meshbesher & Spence be your First Call if your family has lost a loved one?

Meshbesher & Spence should be your first call to represent your family if you have lost a loved one in an accidental death because of our compassion and proven experience. Insurance companies treat such human losses as "cases." But we know your family never wanted a "case." No family wants to find themselves in these circumstances. These losses are real people - wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children - and cannot be replaced. The needless loss of a family member can harm generations. We represent families and always remember the significance of the loss of a family member. Lawyers cannot be effective advocates for families in these circumstances without compassion, understanding and experience. At Meshbesher & Spence, our lawyers understand and never forget the devastation a death can cause a family. We never treat the death of a family member as just a "case." This is one of the reasons Meshbesher & Spence has achieved exceptional results for families cast into these difficult circumstances. Of course, we are also highly skilled in all aspects of the law concerning wrongful death claims.

We have the experience dealing with insurance companies and the courts in proving these claims. Many lawyers have never actually successfully presented a claim in court. Such lack of experience hurts their ability to both effectively negotiate a just settlement, or obtain a just result in court. Because of our record of success in court, Meshbesher & Spence has earned a reputation which helps us achieve outstanding settlements. We have the skill to bring the matter to court if an insurance company refuses a just settlement. Meshbesher & Spence's history of results in Minnesota courts is second to none.

To recover compensation, it must be shown in court that a person or company was responsible or at fault for causing the death.

Wrongful death claims can be complex.
Unlike a personal injury claim, all wrongful death claims are brought to the court by a trustee, who is usually a family member appointed by the court to represent the closest relatives of the person who died.

All wrongful death claims in Minnesota must be brought to the court within three years of the individual's death.

What You Should Do
Wrongful death laws are complex. Your First Call should be to the Minnesota attorneys Meshbesher & Spence because you can be confident that your family will be competently represented with integrity by the law firm Minnesotans know and trust.