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Minnesota Food Poisoning Attorneys & Food Poisoning Cases

Food poisoning is the result of negligence. Minnesota Food Poisoning Attorneys & Food Poisoning Cases

Food poisoning due to contamination and negligence has made national news in increasing frequency over the last few years — from E. coli-infected spinach and beef, to melamine-contaminated grain, to eggs carrying salmonella. But food poisoning doesn't have to make national news to cause serious problems — smaller-scale issues like improper food storage by your local grocery store or mishandling at a restaurant can be equally problematic, and affect you directly.

The number of laboratory-confirmed bacterial and parasitic infections has more than doubled in the last ten years, according to the CDC. In reality, there are many, many more cases of food poisoning that go unreported, in which unsuspecting people are harmed due to the fault of unsafe processing techniques, insufficient oversight, and often plain ignorance.

If you're one of the many people who have been treated or hospitalized for food poisoning, or if a family member has died as a result, know that the Minnesota attorneys at Meshbesher & Spence are prepared to help. We will work hard to make sure you are appropriately compensated for your medical expenses and physical and emotional suffering.

Meshbesher & Spence will stand up for your rights.
As a food poisoning victim, you may have experienced gastro-intestinal problems, organ failure, long-term physical and psychological consequences, miscarriage in pregnant women, or even death. These sufferings are often on top of the lost wages, unmanageable medical bills, and other out of pocket expenses, as well as other physical and emotional pain. In such stressful circumstances, make sure someone is working to protect you.

The Minnesota attorneys at Meshbesher & Spence are experienced in food poisoning claims and will make sure the claim investigation is completed properly and completely, insurance benefits are coordinated smoothly, and that you, as the accident victim, are fairly compensated for your illness.

Cases are stronger when an attorney is involved early. Call and speak with one now:

Food poisoning victims can recover damages for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and interference with familial relationships
  • Disability
  • Wrongful death
  • Emotional distress
  • Past, present and future medical bills
  • Lost wages, future earnings, and earning capacity
  • ...and other general damages.

Talk with a Minnesota attorney at Meshbesher & Spence about the circumstances of your accident for a thorough review of your claim.

What You Should Do
If you or a loved one have been affected or killed by food poisoning, it is very important to see a doctor immediately to document your illness in a medical record. Then, contact Meshbesher & Spence for a consultation with our personal injury attorney, who are available to visit you in the hospital or in your home, as well as in our offices, and will help you determine if you will be able to recover damages for your illness.